My aim is to change the way people eat, shop and cook at home. I deliver training, menus, recipes and food solutions based on a thorough understanding of customer eating needs, current food philosophies and emerging trends. This approach translates into tangible and sustainable competitive advantages for the business. I seek opportunities within the food industry where I can apply my extensive experience and professional skill to create a real difference.

Angela Malik is known for combining flavours with fantastic, seasonal british ingredients to create a new style of food that ‘sings in the mouth’. She is a recognized expert of asian food, cooking and teaching in the uk. Angela is a top 10 alumna of the prestigious Leiths School of Food Wine where she now runs her own classes, they are acclaimed for her innovative and passionate teaching style. She has her developed own range of ingredients, successfully launched a multi-site asian deli/cook school concept branded with her signature Five Taste Sensations Style. Angela appeared as a regular panellist on BBC Radio 4 the Kitchen Cabinet, C4 Sunday Brunch, ITV This Morning and Kirstie Allsop’s Perfect Christmas.


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"I attended two two hour classes in one day, "The Perfect Chicken Curry" and "Indian Dinner Party", which perfectly complemented each other. Angela teaches how to balance taste, which is invaluable for any cook and any cuisine, as well as offering a practical cookery class. She is an engaging and talented teacher as well as highly considerate. Her classes are as useful to an experienced curry cook as they are to a beginner."
Tom T.“Hard Work and Fun Cookery Class”
"I was given this 2 hour Asian cooking class as a present .I found Angela to be very knowledgeable and skilled and the things she taught me have already made a significant difference to the way I stir fry food . Her instructions were simple and practical and easily taken to your kitchen at home . I would highly recommend her 2 hour courses . It is surprising what you can learn in such a short time."
Rachel“Asian Cooking”
"I found the course was really enjoyable and informative and the staff were really helpful and friendly. I learnt lots of really useful techniques which can be applied to all styles of cookery. Learning how to balance flavours using Angela’s 5 taste profile flower was particularly useful....I would definitely recommend the course and I will be signing up for others in future."
Helen H“Perfect Thai Chicken Green Curry”
"I took the Thai master class in February and I must say I enjoyed every second of it. I learned so much more then I excepted to gain, which I now can use in my every day cooking and not just for my Thai cooking days. Angela Teaches you about the test of food and how it all works together. This means that when you get home you look at all your dishes that you have cooked over the years and you realise what you can do to make them test fantastic. I am very eager to do more of her classes as I feel there is still so much for to uncover."
Joe E.“Absolutely amazing”


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